Toronto, Ontario
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I'm very saddened to say that AC has reached a new low in customer satisfaction!

Flight 1130 started off wrong today, with its delayed arrival into YVR by 40 min. Once onboard and seated into Business Class, we seemed to be in limbo while sitting at the gate, close to one hour went by with NO MOVEMENT. then the captain announced that he is over his alloted flying time, and could not continue. They were searching for another Captain, and this could take an additional 30-40 min.


then once again the Captain said that they were going to continue to WPG and make a crew change there, to at least get the flight moving. some 30 mins past before the Captain again announced that, they had a problem with the weight of the aircraft landing in WPG.

By this time we had some very upset passengers and a flight crew that were doing their best to HIDE!

Soon after spending 1 hour plus at the gate in YVR, with no service of at least a few drinks, your fantastic airline cancelled the flight. Then began the task of trying to make arrangements for everyone.

I was given a connection flight from the international terminal and told to move it, as it was boarding.

needless to say Flight 192 was some 40 min late in leaving to due the problems with #1130.

After arrival in Toronto, how nice of AC to cap off a beautiful day but to make me wait 40 min for my bag, that was tagged PRIORITY!

does AC not check the flight status of their crew before departing? does the time of your passengers (who pay the bills) not have any value to your organization?

Does my lost time and discomfort not account for anything within AC?

Our Government should force AC to remove that proud Maple Leaf from the tail fins of your aircraft, you continously disgrace our national emblem!

I would now like to know how AC intends to compensate me for my lost of a whole days activities due to your inability to organize your crews?

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