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I flew Air Canada from Los Angeles to Toronto in October '07. My seat's entertainment system did not work, and I was able to move to one of the emergency rows. I was in the row with only 2 seats, and the emergency row behind me had three seats. There was a man in the row behind me who instead of exiting from his own row would walk forward (through the empty third seat area) and kick me or push me each time he wanted to exit. I ignored his rude behavior even though he went back and forth past my seat at least ten times (with not so much as an excuse me, pardon me, sorry for kicking you).

Anyhow, in the last hour of the flight (it was 9 or 10 a.m. by now), he proceeded to open MY window. I had had enough of this ignoramus's behavior and promptly shut the window. He proceeded to completely go ballistic and claim that he had a migraine and needed light (medically ridiculous). I informed him that it was MY window, others on the flight were sleeping or watching a movie and in either case the light was distracting. He proceeded to call me a "b**ch" three times. Fellow passengers told him to calm down and watch his mouth.

I proceeded to call a steward and let him know that this passenger was entirely unruly. What did the steward do? He told me that I should move!! My fellow passengers were shocked. He told me that there were situations with crazy clients and that other passengers should be more understanding! To add insult to injury, I filed a complaint with the steward, and never received a response from Air Canada. I have flown with them at least 100 times in the last 10 years, and I cannot believe how lightly they handle passengers such as this man that I had the unfortunate fortune of meeting.

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AC crews are so rude and unkind, only the mainland chineses could parallel with them well.


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get over yourself.


Oh hello, AC shill.


I have to agree with "L" and side with Air Canada on this one. You obviously had a bad experience but please reread your own complaint, the first two paragraphs have nothing at all to do with the airline.

In a situation with a potentially volatile passenger and no place for anyone to go, it's not a bad policy to take the moral high road and put up with it.

If the flight attendant takes your side and angers the already agitated passenger, the results could be dangerous. If the disturbance forces a diversion and landing the cost to the airline can easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars (your aircraft probably burns $5K in fuel per hour)


Hey sounds like a pretty interesting flight u had lol.

u know alot of times it is easier to to just move from annoing ppl. the flight attendant was probobly trying to avoid conflict at 35,000

sometime its easier to move the sane on than the insane one ......nont blame your flight attendant they usually know how to deal with situation.....training is very intense and knowledgebase bas is shared amongst the rest of the crew....as for your letter ......never write one in the air because someone manually has to turn it in ....it u want a response email the company directly at www.aircanada.com under contact us

hope this helps

continue to fly air canada they are the safest airline in north amaerica!!!