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When I saw such a few people waiting for my Air Canada flight I went to the agent to ask if she would check if I was in a row by myself. She said no.

I asked if I could be moved. She moved me to row 13 - by the toilet. When I boarded the flight, there were 25 rows in total. Of those rows 4 rows were completely empty, and 5 had two to a row.

The remainder of the flyers were in rows on their own. Not that I ever expect anything so 'out of the normal' as a super elite Air Canada flyer - but would you not think that I could do better than the seat beside the toilet? Nice to know as a 'loyal' flyer I get their consideration.

When I called customer service - they said that Super Elite would not make a difference in the agent was happy to leave the other 4 rows empty.....and that is that!

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Super elite is a horrible experience I agree fully. Once you are super elite all the other AC staff expect you to call your concierge for help and won't help you at all saying..." that what your concierge is for - call them" Just one problem with that - you'll be answered by a machine and be on hold for at least 20 minutes and they won't help at all - it's better to never be super elite! What a horrible experience!

Anniston, Alabama, United States #581750

I'm the first to complain about Air Canada but this "report" is ***. The first 4 rows are business class with a toilet at the front.

In economy/coach the toilets are at the back. If you want to hate 'em, do it for the right reasons, not ***.

to milisy #588698

Um if you read the post there were 13 rows on the airplane - there is no first class on an Embraer! That also means the plane is configured with 1 ( one) toilet and it is at the rear of the plane - call it beside row 13, as that is exactly where it is!

to Really B.S.???? Toronto, Ontario, Canada #654368

Actually...there is business class on an Embraer!!

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