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The day from h**l started when we checked in for our 10:45am flight at 8am, even though the flight was already delayed the agent checking us in didn't tell us when we checked in. There were very few people at the gate but we just though maybe the flight wasn't full, when we got up at 10am to go to the bathroom we finally found out from another couple looking at the board that our flight was delayed an hour. This was 15 minutes before what our boarding time would have been if the flight was on time and NO ONE FROM AIRCANADA was at the gate to tell anyone anything.

We came back at 11am, and surprise there is still NO ONE from aircanada AND the flight is delayed by another hour. Finally at 1 pm someone shows up, they show no concern or care that half of the passengers have or are going to miss their flights and all they gave us was a lousy $10 meal voucher. We finally get on the plane and it has to pull back in for maintenance check delaying us another hour.

We finally arrive in San Fran and we've missed our connection. The agents there book us on a different connection in which we will have to take another flight in the morning to get to our final destination. When we arrive we are suppose to be greeted by an Air Canada rep and to no surprise there is NO ONE THERE and it's 3am! We get a hotel finally and have to PAY FOR IT and hope to be reimbursed later. So what should have been a 12 hour trip took us 31 hours!

We submit a complaint about this when we get home and all we get for our $900 flight tickets EACH is $100 credit vouchers... I don't know what they want me to do with that - I have no plans of EVER flying with AIR CANADA again it didn't even cover our taxes. DO NOT FLY WITH AIR CANADA.

On the other hand Westjet had a delayed flight 2 weeks before we took this flight and within an hour they had personally talked to every single passenger and made rearrangements for them & given them their $10 meal vouchers. Plus without even having to submit a complaint we automatically received a refund credit for the flight. WEST JET IS MUCH BETTER SERVICE.

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I had the same issue with them over twenty years ago..... And swore I'd never fly Air Canada again. Glad to see I wasn't hasty; nothing has changed.